PLR Motivational


PLR Motivational Speaking & Resources Unlimited is a one of a kind program established to provide support to youths and adults across the state of New Jersey.  We are a strength based program and our #1 mission is to empower and help stabilize individuals and families.

We offer the following services:  Mentoring, Life Coaching, Workshops, Motivational speaking events and seminars, resume writing, free fax/computer use and transportation.  

We specialize in working with individuals experiencing mental and behavioral health challenges.  We also service individuals with developmental challenges. 

PLR provides services to all ages 10 and up.  If you would like to refer an individual younger than the age of 10, please contact our office to discuss your potential referral. 

All referrals are accepted on a case by case basis. 

Our Mission

We believe at PLR that we should be helpers unto one another. We believe that using the wrap around model will position individuals in the right direction to obtain success.  We believe that opportunities are endless with the right resources in place.  We believe that success is a result of dedication, determination and diligence.

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