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We offer mentoring, workshops, motivational speaking seminars, life coaching, resume writing, transportation and free computer use. We encourage you to contact our office if you are interested in services that you don’t see listed on our page.

Get Life Changing Motivations that will transform your life .

We believe that using the wrap around model will position individuals in the right direction to maintain stability. What is a wrap around model? A Wrap around model is a strength-based approach that is used to focus on all positives in a person life. By focusing on all positives in a person life, it will help strengthen the challenged areas that one may be experiencing.

Get Helpful Tips to overcome life's challenges

PLR is a program that invites new ideas and thoughts. I can’t is a word that does not exist at PLR. At PLR we all support one another. We work as a team to build one another up. We are in this with you and here to go the distance. Greatness is what we teach.

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Welcome to P.L.R

My name is Chyvonne Thomas and I am the Founder of P.L.R!  I would like to thank you for visiting our page.  We are excited to have you here.   We are a strength based program that is here to support and cheer our participants on.  We strongly encourage you to give us a call today to discuss the service that you are in need of.    

I Believe.

At PLR, we believe in learning new things daily, we believe that consistency is the key to overcoming a challenge and we believe that God has given everyone purpose.  Allow PLR to support you in your purpose.

I Speak.

PLR believes in the power of words.  We offer motivational speaking and seminars to help get individuals motivated. 

I Write.

PLR has incorporated resume writing into our program as we feel that a resume is an essential tool needed to enter the workforce and initiate your professional career

Need Advice?

Need additional information on what PLR is all about and the services we provide? Contact us today!

My E-Books & Courses

In the near future, PLR we offer webinars that will focus on topics to promote motivation and mental strengthening.  In the interim, I encourage you to check out the motivational videos uploaded in our course section.  Videos will be updated periodically. 


My Story

The owner Chyvonne Thomas is a believer of Christ Jesus and has a passion for helping others.  She graduated from Rutgers University in 2003 with a B.A in Psychology and B.A in Criminal Justice.  She has spent 17 years working in social services and mental/behavioral health.   In 2020 she was called by God to start her own business!  With faith in God,  experience in her hands and just a few dollars in her savings, she began to develop PLR. The acronym, PLR was chosen by Chyvonne as a way to pay homage to her grandmother Parthenia (late), mother Linda (late) and Uncle Richard Thomas (late).  The reason for this is that the trio, “PLR” has served as pivotal points in Chyvonne’s life to help prepare her for platforms such as this.

PLR is starting from the ground up and is anticipated to build a brand that will touch the lives of many.    

Chyvonne Thomas

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